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welcome to our office

Our office is based in South Corona in a welcoming, bright and spacious building. We make every effort to deliver dental services of the highest standard with patient care and comfort being our number one priority. 


South Corona Dentistry was established over 20 years ago and was taken over recently by Dr Makati. 

  Dr Makati's dream was to create a practice where his patients felt like they were seen and treated as family, felt comfortable, relaxed and had an enjoyable experience.  Dr Makati has implemented the latest technology, creating an efficient streamlined office that helps ensure patient comfort where least amount of time is spent in the chair whilst receiving the best possible care and optimal work.   Dr Makati wanted a positive vibe, with a fun and light-hearted atmosphere, which he was able to create because of his wonderful staff.   He continues to deepen and create meaningful relationships with his patients, some of whom have seen him for over 30 years when he was a boy at his father's office and who now come to see him as their health provider.    

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