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The Halloween Candy exchange program

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

What an exciting month of October it has been. At South Corona Dentistry, we like to think that we are more than just your local dentist. We wanted to provide and contribute to the community, families, and children at large, our expertise, knowledge and initiatives to create better oral hygiene and programs that would benefit the environment, as well as our and our children's future.

This was our first annual program. We decided to team up with Operation Gratitude in a drive for a Halloween Candy Exchange Program. The initiative started off with encouraging children of family and friends to donate the extra candy collected after Halloween in exchange for a very fun goody bag that consisted of a travel case, a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and toothbrush holder as well as coupons and vouchers from local participating businesses. The candy would then be donated to our troops overseas, our first responders, and to a local charity here in Corona.

Many people including teachers, parents and business owners were grateful for a place to give away the candy and limit/reduce the sugar intake for our kids whilst also benefiting a good cause in helping to send a little sweet taste of home overseas to our troops.

We wanted to thank Dr Bhagat, for coming up with this great initiative in the first place, the community, especially the schools and educators who distributed flyers and promoted the cause, and local businesses such as Applebees, Red Robin, Tutti Frutti, Inspire Dance Academy, and Cool Smiles Orthodontics for their donations and contributions. Most importantly, we would like to thank the parents and the children who came into our office and kindly and generously donated their candy in making this program a success.

Next year we intend to open up this program to all of our patients, so please do give us your feedback.

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